Building Department

To ensure public health, safety and quality of life, the Town of New Scotland building department regulates and enforces federal, state and local building laws. If you have any questions about building permits or zoning information, please contact the Building Department at 518-439-9153.

Building Forms

NY State Workers' Compensation - Certificate of Attestation of Exemption

For homeowners obtaining permits to work on their residences and who plan to do the work themselves, go to New York State Workers' Compensation Board at A completed Attestation of Exemption (form C-200) needs to be submitted to the building department for each separate permit being applied for.

Official Zoning Maps

Comprehensive Land Use Plan

The following are special projects and include related information and materials.

Biernacki Subdivision Resources

Chapter 164 Resources

Kensington Woods Resources

Residents Planning Advisory Committee Report

Vista Development Resources