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2023 Annual Fall Brush and Lawn Debris Clean-Up 

OcT. 16 - Nov. 26


Lawn and Yard debris must be bagged in brown bio-degradable bags and placed at the curb.
Brush/tree limbs must be stacked neatly at the curb with the cut ends facing the road so that our crew can work in a safe and efficient manner.  BRUSH SHOULD ONLY BE PLACED OUT DURING THIS TIME PERIOD.

Please note: the Highway Department can no longer pick up branches at any time except during Spring and Fall clean up weeks as we simply do not have the time, manpower and resources to continuously pick up branches all summer long.  Our road maintenance, ditching, paving and pothole repair must take priority before winter comes. 

Winter in upstate New York presents the Highway Department with our biggest challenge.  Plow routes take between 3 to 4 hours to complete depending on weather conditions.  This means if our snow plow starts on your road, they will not be back for 3 to 4 hours.  Please do not park in the road during snow season.  Plow trucks have larger blind spots than cars.  Give snow plows plenty of room on the road.  Please be patient and drive carefully.  Some roads in the Town are either State or County roads such as Altamont Road, Delaware Turnpike, Font Grove, Meadowdale Road, New Scotland South and others.  These roads are plowed by NYS or Albany County.


Highway Department Information

The Town of New Scotland Highway Department is responsible for approximately 80 miles of Town roads. This includes paving, sweeping, mowing and snow plowing. The Highway Department also sponsors annually: 

Household Hazardous Waste Day

for the disposal of residential waste such as paints, pesticides and chemicals. The next Household Hazardous Waste Event will be in Spring of 2024.
You must pre-register for this event. For more info, please go to Recycling and Solid waste page, then click Household Hazardous Waste link on the left side of the page. 

Paper Shredding Day

to securely dispose of all paper documents. Shredding day will be September 23, 2023 from 9am - noon at Stephen P. Wallace Park at 148 Swift Road. Each resident is limited to 6 boxes. You do not have to sign up beforehand.
Dates for these events will be posted on this website and advertised in the Altamont Enterprise.

The Town of New Scotland Highway Department also runs:

Spring Clean Up

 for approximately 6 weeks starting mid April through May for bagged lawn debris and branches


lawn debris (bags only) periodically from May through September

Fall Clean Up

for bagged leaves and branches for approximately 6 weeks ending mid November

Electronics Recycling

Electronics such as TV's, computers, monitors, keyboards, small scale servers, printers, scanners, VCR and DVD players, video game consoles, cell phones, and fax machines are now collected at the Transfer Station only.

We will continue to collect CFL and fluorescent light bulbs at the Highway Garage.

Highway Department Resources