Solid Waste & Recycling

The Town of New Scotland provides residential curbside household trash and recycling pickup. To find out which day your street is service click on Trash Collection Schedule on left

 2023 Paper Shredding Event
 September 23, 2023

9 am-Noon

Stephen P. Wallace Park on Swift Road


                     Open to all Town of New Scotland Residents 
Shred your outdated taxes, files, paper documents, checks, 
envelopes, file folders and bank statements. Paper clips, staples and
  rubber bands are acceptable.
 Limited to 6 boxes per person.
             Town of New Scotland NEW Curbside Recycling Guidelines

CARDBOARD: Cereal boxes, pasta
boxes and other dry food boxes, shipping
boxes, corrugated boxes (no pizza boxes)
PAPER: Newspapers, junk mail, envelopes,
catalogs, paperback books, telephone books,
brown bags, magazines & inserts, white &
colored paper (no metal bindings)
PLASTICS: 1-3 ONLY, clean food & beverage
containers, milk jugs, water & detergent
bottles MUST HAVE /1\, /2\, /3\ on bottom
GLASS: all bottles and containers, any color
CANS: Clean aluminum, tin, steel, pie plates,
trays, clean aluminum foil (foil with residual food
should be put in trash can)

Windows, household glassware, mirrors
light bulbs, dishes, ceramics, dishes, silverware

Foam packaging, styrofoam, plastic bags, plastic
wrap, plastic plates & cups,paper plates

Recyclables containing food waste, paints or oils

Large steel items, car parts,
These items should go to the Transfer Station

Small appliances such as blenders or toasters
clothes hangers, toys
These items should go into trash container

Electronics such as TV's, computers, printers etc.
should go to the Transfer Station for recycling

Hazardous materials such as paints,chemicals
motor oil should be held until the Town wide
Household Hazardous Waste Day
If in doubt, call and ask or throw it out! Wishful recycling spoils everything!
All clean recyclables go into your recycling container loose. No sorting, no plastic bags
If you have any questions regarding curbside recycling or for additional information about the
Transfer Station, please call 518-475-0385
Transfer Station is located at 237 Upper Flat Rock Rd., Clarksville
Open Saturdays 9am-4pm year round; additionally May - August open Wednesdays 2pm-6pm


Electronics Recycling

As of December 1, 2016, the Town of New Scotland will no longer be accepting Electronics at the Highway Garage.  All electronics must be taken to the Town of New Scotland Transfer Station located at 237 Upper Flat Rock Road. There is no charge to dispose of the electronics on our list of acceptable  equipment.  However, you will need a valid Transfer station permit. Transfer station permits are $10 and are good for 3 years. Transfer Station hours are Saturdays from 9am-4pm, and during the months of May through August, we are also open Wednesdays from 2pm-6pm.


Acceptable electronic items are:  Computers, televisions, small scale servers, monitors, keyboards, fax machines, printers/scanners, cell phones, VCR and DVR players, portable digital music players, DVD players, Digital converter boxes, cable or satellite receivers, and electronic or video game consoles.


Bulbs & Batteries

Fluorescent bulbs and acceptable batteries can be dropped off at the Highway Garage Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Household batteries newer than 1995 no longer contain hazardous waste. Dispose of them in your regular trash. 


Bulbs and batteries that may be dropped off include:

  • Button batteries
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL bulbs)
  • Fluorescent tubes and bulbs
  • Rechargeable batteries

 Soft cover books and phone books can be placed in your curbside recycling tote

If you have any questions, please call the Highway Department at 518-475-0385

Solid Waste & Recycling Resources

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