Registrar's Office
  • Patricia Barber, Registrar - Term ends December 31, 2019.

The Registrar of Vital Statistics is entrusted with the responsibility of keeping a record of births and deaths in the community.  Although the Town of New Scotland was incorporated in 1832, birth and death records go back only to 1911.  Records prior to 1911 are probably held in the Town of Bethlehem.  

The following are eligible to be provided with a certified copy of a birth certificate:

  • The person named on the birth certificate.
  • A parent of the person named on the birth certificate (requesting parent's name must be on birth certificate).
  • Only by order of a New York State Court may a spouse, child or other persons obtain a copy of a birth certificate.

When requesting a birth or death certificate, the following forms must be completed and submitted to the Registrar’s office.  Certified copies will be provided for a fee of $10 per copy.

For genealogical searches, please be aware that the fee is $22 per hour. 


A death certificate is filed with the Registrar of the municipality in which the death occurred within 72 hours of such death. Such filing is usually handled by a funeral director or coroner. 
Who is eligible to obtain a death certificate copy?  
  • The spouse, parent or child of the deceased
  • Other persons who have a:
    • documented lawful right or claim
    • documented medical need
    • New York State Court Order
Note : If a request for a copy of a death certificate is within six months from the time of death, and the arrangements were handled by a funeral director, that director acting on behalf of the family may request a copy or copies 
What is a lawful right or claim?  
If the applicant is not the spouse, parent or child of the decedent, a lawful right or claim must be documented. An example of a lawful right or claim would be a death record needed by the applicant to claim a benefit. Documentation would consist of an official letter from the agency verifying that to process the claim the applicant is required to provide a copy of the requested death record.

Identification Requirements - Application must be submitted with copies of either A or B:

A. One of the following forms of valid photo-ID: 
    • Driver license
    • State issued non-driver photo-ID card
    • Passport
    • U.S. Military issued photo-ID
B. Two of the following showing the applicant's name and address: 
    • Utility or telephone bills
    • Letter from a government agency dated within the last six months
Note : If you are applying for a copy of a death certificate via the mail and your driver's license does not reflect the address to which you want the certificate mailed, you must have your signature notarized.

There is a fee of $10.00 per certified copy of a death certificate. Fees are payable by cash or check.