Town Constable

A Constable is a public official whose job is similar to that of a police officer but who is elected or appointed rather than hired.

All Constables must go through the New York State approved Peace Officer Training as outlined by the Department of Criminal Justice.   

Constables serve at the pleasure of the local towns and villages, usually in a civil aspect for the courts. However, constables are considered law enforcement officers under New York State law.  Their powers can be limited by each jurisdiction.

Constables are considered peace officers (NY Criminal Procedure Section 2.10) and have arrest powers within their jurisdiction while on duty (section 2.20) and must complete peace officer training as approved by the NY Division of Criminal Justice Services. see

There are restrictions on whether appointed constables can have peace officer powers based on whether the municipality is a town or village and the number of residents. If constables are not appointed with peace officer powers, they can only serve civil processes.